Shetland Attack Pony
"It's only the name that's stupid"

Hardware Identification

How to identify which pony version you have:
  1. What colour is the case?
    If it is black, go to step 2
    If it is blue, go to step 3
  2. Open up the back of the case.
    How many white connectors plug onto the circuit board?
    If there are 3, then you have version A
    If there are 2, then you have version B
  3. Look for the speaker - you can see it through the translucent case. It is a circular disc glued onto the inside of the case.
    If it is on the opposite side of the case to the display, then you have version C
    If it is on the same side of the case as the display, then you have version D
If you are not sure, please e-mail me at phil[at]furbrain[dot]org[dot]uk, attaching a photo of both sides of the pony, with the "battery cover" removed if it is a black case.