Shetland Attack Pony
"It's only the name that's stupid"


Here are what some people have said about using the Shetland Attack Pony:
Hi Phil,

Just to let you know that the SAP is fantastic. I really like some of the useability features you have included. This makes for a very professional product. We surveyed the very tight and awkward boulder choke in Upper Flood. It was so-o easy with the SAP. The next day we surveyed the very end of Neverland. In total, we clocked up 450m of survey. These surveys will be published in the MCG journal, at our MCG stand at BCRA, and probably in Descent. Drawing it all up now...

Apart from the increased accuracy on steep slopes, it improved speed because a) we got two readings for the effort of one; b) it is so easy (and more accurate) to aim compared to sighting a compass; and c) the illuminated numbers were easy to read without the concern and hassle of illuminating the compass from a distance with a magnetic lamp.

Ben Cooper, MCG

We used the SAP you lent Ben Cooper to survey the boulder choke in Upper Flood on Friday, and the remainder of the Neverland extensions on Saturday (around 130m/36 legs - mostly short and really awkward to do with conventional instruments - and 260m/45 legs IIRC); it really is a brilliant bit of kit - at one stage note-taking was the rate limiting step which is unheared of (to me anyway:)

Mike Richardson MCG